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About Baby's First Tooth

by TYRY HU on January 22, 2019

Teething is important to baby

Baby begin exploring the world with their mouth, you will notice your baby trying to chew on everything in sight. Without teeth, you need make sure the food is pureed when you breeding your baby. Tooth let your baby has ability to tear into meat,bite into apple and chew many kinds of food, so baby will grow healthy and stronger. Baby increasingly chew and bite after them have teeth, the increase bite and chew exercise will develop oral motor musculature for speech.Teething is baby's developmental milestone.

When Teething Begin

Many parents want to know when a baby is teething.Most babies may not have any teeth by their first birthday, first tooth usually appears around 4 to 6 months old. There have some symptoms when your baby is teething, not all babies will have teething symptoms. You could recognize the signs and comfort your baby.

1.Drooling: Excess saliva may be produced and streams of drool down the cheeks and chin can be a sign that baby is teething

2.Biting and Chewing on hands,fingers,and everything

3.Rash on the chin or face: As teeth push through, the gums swelling,red and sensitivity.

4.Irritability: Some babies will feel pain and cry more often,and them will get upset more easily.

5.Sleep problems: Due to discomfort of cutting new teeth, babies will often wake up at night.

What you could do when your baby is teething

You could do quite a few things to help your teething baby. You could rubbing his gums with a clean finger or giving him cold food. There has one toys for teething baby, it is pacifier clips. Relieve baby's pain and comfort baby. The pacifier clips made out of food grade silicone, BPA free, safe to chew on. The teething objects have spheres and cubes, these brightly colored beads entice baby to keep explore,and different shapes and vibrant color to promote baby sensory development and visual perception. It is chewable, it is also a toys for baby to entertainment. This pacifier clips one end is strong plastic clip which attaches to clothing without doing any damage, no any shape and hard edges. It is easy to reach and avoid pacifier fall off dirty floors or get lost when baby spit-out pacifier. The other end is a simple stretchy cord that can be knotted to any pacifier, it is strong, safety and versatile pacifier clips. Texture surfaces has designed for baby's tender gums pain relief and gums messages. It is better for baby exercise gums, development of strong healthy teeth
and gums.The pacifier clips not only comfort your baby, but also help your baby's tooth grow healthy.