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We never know what it was like to be parents until we become parents ourselves. You will know what we mean if you are a parent.

TYRY.HU was literally born on a hot summer night of July 2016, when my baby girl was crying so hard because of the teething sore. She couldn’t fall asleep and felt so uneasy and cranky. Our heart ached while she was crying. We tried every means to help to ease the sore gum but it still took her one and half an hour to calm down, and then finally fell asleep. “Are there any effective ways to help our baby to relieve the teething pain?” We accidentally found out that the silicone teether was what we needed exactly.

During that night, an idea came across my mind and when I shared it with My husband, Hu, he totally agreed with it! We built TYRY.HU later and started with silicone teether products for babies. We named it after our lovely kids, Tian, Ya, Rui, and Yu, and their family name is Hu, to remind us of the goal of building TYRY.HU, to help and to love.

In the past three years, more and more customers from more than 100 countries are using our teething products. We received a lot of compliments, love, and trust of our customers. And now, we are moving to a new age of TYRY.HU, to create a safe and helpful world all for babies and mommies’ needs.

We believe that safety, love, and cares for the kids will create happiness in a family.
We believe there is a better world with happy families.

TYRY.HU, All for Baby's Needs! All for love.

TYRY.HU, All For Babies' Needs!
What Makes TYRY.HU Teething Accessories So Great?
➳ Handcrafted
➳ Stylish & chic designs
➳ Soft texture feels good on sore, teething gums
➳ Provides visual & tactile stimulation for babies 
➳ Many moms find our jewelry helpful to keep baby focused on nursing
➳ Breakaway safety clasp for those strong babies who like to pull
➳ Washable with soap and water
➳ Dishwasher Safe/Freezer Safe
We provide high-quality products that are free from nasty chemicals:
➳ 100% Food Grade Silicone
➳ BPA Free
➳ No Phthalates
➳ No Lead
➳ No PVCs
➳ Organic untreated wood
Thank you for taking the time to read about our story! We hope we can help a lot more families like you and we are humbled by all the support we have received so far from our customers!