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Colic: Why Is My Baby WON'T Stop Crying

by Catherine Zhong on July 03, 2019

baby crying intensily


Is your baby crying their lungs off? No matter what you do or how to comfort her/him, Your baby just won’t stop crying?  Is your baby crying more than usual crying?  It may need to check if your baby is suffering colic.


So, what is colic? What is the symptom of it?

Babies are supposed to cry because this is the way they communicate.  But excess and intense crying may be colic.  The symptoms are commonly known as below.  The baby cries more than three hours a day and more than three days a week.  It starts at two weeks or three weeks old until 6 months old.  The duration time from 4-6 weeks. Some of the babies cry even more and longer periods.


What causes colic?

There aren’t any specific reasons why is this happen.  It can be anything in the world which can cause colic. But, the research shows that these are the main causes of it:

- Gas.

There is too much gas swallowed when nursing and it doesn’t go out well.  The baby can not burp well or fart well.

- Allergy.

Not the allergy reaction to some material but to what mom is eating.  Research shows that at least 20% of the reason that cause causes colic because of this

-Nicotine and caffeine.  

These chemicals would stimulate and cause colic to a baby


Mom drinks too much milk or dairy.  The big five are Soy, wheat, corn, dairy, and nuts.


The baby may be over stimulate when coming to this new world when their nerve is not fully developed.

-The microbiome.

The baby cannot digest the milk because of the lack of having not enough of the bacteria to digest milk.


This may not be colic if your baby is crying.   

There are a lot of other reasons why your baby is crying but it is not colic.  It may be other reasons. The main difference is that these don’t last for three weeks.

The remedy for colic?


The main goal is to prevent the causes.  Sometimes it depends on the baby.  It doesn’t work every time for every baby. But, you can try the below and see how it works for your baby.  You can also try your own way to distract your baby or help him/her to calm down.

-Gripe water.  Use grip water

-Massage your baby’s tummy

-Massage your baby’s back

-Hold your baby upright after nursing

-Add some baby microbiome powder or products

-Leave your baby alone in a quiet place

-Find nice babywearing which fits your baby

-Use pacifiers to calm your baby down

-Consult your pediatrician