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Essential & Must-Have list of newborn baby products (mam sharing)

by 深圳市天雅睿语 科技有限公司 on March 29, 2019

Many mothers who are pregnant for the first time do not know what to buy for the baby. Today, I will share with you a list of must-have items for newborns baby prepared by American mothers.
Baby supplies are all available (All of clothing, food, housing, transportation, and use), the expectant mother that you do not know what to buy , may wish to refer to.

 Essential & Must-Have list of newborn baby products (mam sharing)

20 Must-have Baby Items You Need

1. Baby bottles/nipple bottles (2-3 pieces)

It is generally recommended to prepare 1-2 120ml and 1-2 240ml baby bottles, large for feeding and small for drinking.
Many doctors do not recommend drinking water for babies within 6 months, but this refers to the general situation, and in some cases it is necessary to feed water.
In the bottle material, try to choose a bottle with high transparency. Whether it is glass or plastic bottle, the quality of the bottle is very good. In addition, food-grade silicone bottles are also popular because silicone bottles are soft and the baby feels like mom's skin. But it must be a food grade silicone, non-toxic and harmless.


2. Pacifier/pacifier clips

The baby from 3 months to 6 months is in the teething period and likes to bite.
Pacifiers, pacifier clips and teething silicone toys are very important for babies. The pacifier clips will relieve the baby's teeth pain. In addition, food grade silicone teething toys are non-toxic and harmless.
The pacifier clips can be clipped to the baby's clothes and he is also the most popular solution on the market.
Here I recommend the TYRYHU pacifier clips, which is very beautiful and safe. More than 80% of the sales in the US come from the TYRYHU pacifier clips.


3. Diapers/Wipes

A newborn baby can eat and sleep. Therefore, supplies such as diapers are essential.

Diapers: 2 packs of diapers.
Wipes: 80-pack of wet wipes 6-12 packs. Please buy non-alcoholic!
Buttock cream: Use it when your baby is red butt. Try not to use talcum powder.
2-3 sheets of urine pad: Effectively prevent your baby's urine from getting wet.


4. Holding blanket / Swaddle Blanket (2-3pieces)

Maybe some moms feel a bit more, but then you will find that the baby spits milk, or accidentally pulls it on, this wash is not easy to dry.


5. Baby bed/Crib

Sleeping is a top priority for newborns. In addition to eating, the baby has to grow up in the body and develop intelligence. The warm and comfortable sleeping environment is crucial.

Choosing unpainted solid wood and a smooth and solid crib is not only durable but also beautiful.


6. Baby bowl / baby spoon / silicone placemat

Feeding milk/water when you have no breast milk, big baby can feed rice noodles.
Buy a small spoon of silicone material, soft and not hurt your baby's mouth. The spoon is used to feed the baby and can be used later to feed the medicine.
A bigger baby, exercise your baby to eat, silicone placemat is a perfect fit, it can suck the table, the baby can not easily flip it.


7. Baby bibs/gauze towel/sweat towel/snoring cloth (2-5pieces)

Baby bibs is mainly to prevent the baby from smudging when drinking milk. The baby within 3 months can also be replaced by gauze towel.
The baby's skin is very tender. Please use a cotton bib, sweat towel and snoring cloth in the early stage. Sweat towel can absorb the sweat from your baby and prevent your baby from getting eczema.
There is also a silicone bib on the market that can catch the baby's saliva and miss the feeding. Suitable for babies after 6 months.


8. Milk powder / portable milk powder box

Breastfeeding is not necessary. However, it is possible that the mother's milk is not down or other reasons may cause the baby to be unable to eat breast milk at the beginning.
To remind everyone, no matter whether the baby needs breastfeeding, the expectant mother should know the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of big-name milk powder in detail. If you want to eat the milk powder of the origin, it is best to find a good channel in advance, otherwise the breast milk is not enough. Need to mix and feed when you are in a hurry.
Portable milk powder box is easy to carry when going out.


9. Bottle sterilizer

The sterilizer with drying is more convenient, one step in place.
The bottle nipple is the baby's most contacted baby product. Many mothers use traditional boiled disinfection methods for disinfection. However, this method is not well controlled.
For example, if the glass bottle is suddenly cooled and suddenly heated, it will cause a burst; if the nipple is burnt for too long, it will not only accelerate the aging, but also the residual bacteria on the surface, and the time is too short to completely kill the bacteria.
Therefore, this thing is very necessary.


10. Baby clothes / baby hat / outing clothes/Underwear/baby Hat

The baby's skin is delicate and needs to be comfortable and breathable. It does not hurt the skin. The soft cotton products are not only comfortable, but also absorb moisture and perspiration.
It is recommended to choose Class A clothing for newborns. If possible, it is best to buy organic cotton.
Underwear: More than 5 sets, many novice mothers are more difficult to wear clothes for newborns, so it is convenient to choose the kind of laced monk clothes, and then buy two sets of other styles.
Hat: 2 thicknesses each, depending on the season of birth.
Warm clothes: 2-3 sets, no need in summer.
Outing service: 2-3 pieces, (2 sets of cotton clothes are needed in winter).


11. Bathtub/ baby bath mat

Bathtub: it is recommended to choose a bathtub with a non-slip bath bed, which can keep your baby in a higher position on the water surface to prevent it from falling off!
Bath mat: Keep your baby floating on the water to prevent it from falling off!


12. Bath towels

Bath towels: 2, choose to absorb water, softness, no dyeing, and it is better to cover the baby's head.
Gauze handkerchief: 2-5, usually wash. You can use your face and wash your butt, and occasionally you can use it as a breastfeeding pad.


13. Shower gel and shampoo

Shower gel and shampoo: 1 bottle each, it is not recommended in the general month, just once a week after the month.


14. baby Stroller/ baby strap /baby safety seat

baby Stroller is used for carrying out the baby when going out. There are three-wheeled carts, four-wheeled carts, twin strollers, and riding carts on the market. Buy as you like.
Baby strap: Mother puts the baby on the waist or back, reducing the burden on the arm. You don't have to hold the baby all the time, you can do other things.
Safety seat: Essential on the door.


15. Baby Bed sheets/quilts / pillows / sleeping bags (1-2 pieces)

1-2 sets of sheets, quilts, sleeping bags, etc.: According to the season materials, choose the appropriate one.
Pillow: You can use a towel to fold or not use a pillow within 3 months. After 3 months, you can choose a pillow that is hygroscopic, breathable and moderately soft.


16. Baby Puzzle toys

Some puzzle toys can be used with a crib.
Music turn music: the first baby must have, the first toy of the baby. You can cultivate your baby's hearing and other aspects from childhood and improve your baby's attention.
Music bed bell and rattle: the comprehensive ability to exercise your baby's hands, eyes and ears.


17. Cotton swabs:

Cotton swabs: 1-2 cans, fine cotton swabs are designed for babies, clean the baby's ear, nose and navel. There is a kind of cleaning rod that specifically cleans your baby's nostrils and ear holes.


18. Electronic thermometer

Electronic thermometer: daily necessities for baby hygiene. Thermometers generally have errors, and families with conditions can consider a one-second ear thermometer. Features are safe, fast, accurate, and can measure room temperature, milk surface temperature, bath water surface temperature and so on.


19. Nail clipper

Nail clipper: Because the baby's nails are long and fast, they should be trimmed, otherwise he will scratch his face.


20. Baby heathly must-have: Feeding device/Nasal wash

Feeding device: Daily care essentials for baby hygiene.
Nasal wash: Baby daily necessities for daily hygiene.

It is normal for a novice mother to panic, and there is no need to worry too much about what is missing. Most modern conveniences can be purchased without over-preparation.
I hope the above content is helpful to you, please collect.

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