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Top Three Reasons That You Should Use Silicone Pacifier Clips

by HUTYRY on May 24, 2019

Many of the mommy is not familiar with pacifier clips and the benefit of it.  Today we will share some tips or experience why you should have pacifier clips for your kids,especially the silicone pacifier clips. 


No. 1  The silicone pacifier clips help track the pacifiers

You may notice that you bought many pacifiers for your kids but sometimes it is hard for you just to find one of them.  It is because the pacifier are small articles, the kids can not grab things tightly before 9 to 12 months.  Thus, the pacifiers can fall into the floor, the gab between their cribs, the area down the stroller and sometimes even places you will never find.  But, with pacifier clips, it can be attached to your baby's clothes or something nearby with the other side attached to your baby's pacifier.  Problem solved!  Just with one pacifier clip.

TYRY.HU pacifer clips can be attached to baby's clothes


No. 2  The silicone pacifier clips help babies develop their sense of touch

The babies are developing their faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.  Referring to their development of touch, that's why your babies like grabbing your hair, your clothes or anything close.  Pacifier clips, especially silicone pacifier clips help babies with the eager to touch.  The surface and the different shapes or types of beads help them to feel the touch of it and develop their sense of touch.  They love to grab the pacifier clips when using a pacifier.

Babies love to grab their pacifier clips


No. 3  The silicone pacifier clips help distract your babies when feeding

Sometimes it is hard for your kid to focus when feeding and you may take a very long time for you to feed them.  With the silicone pacifier slips in hand, it helps them to focus on feeding.  They will be more concentrate compare to the times that they don't have things in their hands.


Silicone pacifier clips help a lot when my kids are growing.  Now, there even name personalized silicone pacifier clips in TYRY.HU.  You can make special gift specially to you baby.  Here is the link for it:  TYRY.HU Name Personalized Silicone Pacifier Clips.


TYRY.HU Name personalized Silicone Pacifier Clip for Baby Girls