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  TYRY.HU Shopping Guide

Welcome to TYRY.HU.  Thanks for shopping at TYRY.HU.COM.  It is our pleasure that you stop by and we  will be happy to guide you through the shopping procedure step by step.


1, How to add items to my cart?

When you like the items, add the items to your cart and if you want to add more items, you can browse the website and add all the items you want into the the cart.  All of the items will stay in the cart page for you as it is easier for you to check out what you got or interested.


2, How to find the items in my cart?

Go to the cart page and proceed the check out. If you cannot see the cart page, you can check at the up right corner of the web page, then you will see the cart icon with the number of items shown that you added.  Click into the cart page or directly go to the check out page. 


3, How to remove items from my cart?

You can delete the items you are not interested or not intend to buy this time by clicking the dustbin icon to remove the products or you can adjust the number of the items you want on the cart page as by clicking the "-" or "+" icon.


4, How do I  leave note for my order?

Please leave a note on the cart page if you have customization products or if you want to leave us a message for anything you like us to know. Plus, you can email us at


5, How to check out?

Follow the check out procedure and fill in the information needed in order to fulfill the order for you.


6, How can I pay for my order?

You can pay with any method that are listed on the product page.  You can pay with Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Credit Cards, MasterCard, American Express or Apple Pay.


7, What about the currency?

The currency will be exchange automatically, if you have problems about the currency, you can click the icon at the down left corner of the web page, the currency will show up. Please fill in every information needed as it is needed for shipping.


8, How do I know if I place my order successfully?

Finish the check out and you will receive an order confirmation email with the order number if you leave us your email address, if not, you may receive the order confirmation via SMS. It will be better if you leave us your email and phone number for better communication while shipping.


9, How long will I receive my package?

Orders will be processed within 15 business days of ordering and shipped out the next day after the processing day. The exact international shopping time varies due to actual situation for different places. You can contact us for any information at at anytime.



Please don;t forget to check the DISCOUNT CODE If you have one.  Please enter the code into the code box.  It is a gift for you from TYRY.HU.


100% satisfaction or full refund guarantee.

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