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3-in-1Travel Potty Seat Trainer Portable Foldable for Unisex Baby
3-in-1Travel Potty Seat Trainer Portable Foldable for Unisex Baby

    3-in-1Travel Potty Seat Trainer Portable Foldable for Unisex Baby



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      Are you looking for a reliable potty training seat for toddlers (both boys and girls)?

      Say goodbye to dirty diapers! With our Toilets Potty Training Seat, you can easily and conveniently potty train your kids. Convert any toilet into a training potty seat for your child.

      The TYRY.HU potty seat is designed for your kids at home and away-from-home bathroom needs. Perfect, on-the-go potty training for your little ones.


      Great ideal for kids' toilet

      The TYRY.HU Premium 3-in-1 Travel Potty Trainer Seat opens quickly and easily so it can be ready in snap, whether you need a recyclable potty to use with disposable bags, or a potty chair to use in a public restroom. The specially designed groove lock the legs in place when opened to provide a clean and sturdy potty for your child no matter where you are! The potty also removable and folding for easy cleaning, ensuring sanitary and hygienic use for your child at all times. Great for travel or to take anyplace where you may not have access to a sanitary bathroom, you can keep it in your car, boat, camper or RV for quick access when traveling, at the park or beach, or whenever the urgent need arises with the portable and lightweight size.

      Top Features of the TYRY.HU Baby Potty Seat for Toilet:




      Specially Splashguard

      The specially designed splash guard prevents spills keep the bathroom clean.

      Folding & Removable Potty

      Inner folding and removable potty seat is easy to lift out, empty and easy to clean.

      Safe to Use

      Non-slip rubber legs and lock securely for use as a stand-alone potty or on public restroom toilets and make your child more confident in training.




      2 Methods to Use

      For use as a potty seat on toilets in public restrooms, the legs of the 2-in-1 go potty fold all the way out and non-slip grips keep the Potty stable on round or elongated toilets.

      Practical Size

      The potty chair perfectly combines functionality and comfort, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. The minimalistic design and compact size mean that it takes up very little space, making it ideal for trips.

      Easy to Clean

      All materials are non-toxic, BPA free, and PVC free, with a stain resistant design that is easy to wipe down and clean.


      Toilet training tips

      Using the potty is a big milestone in your child’s development. Making little ones feel comfortable, secure and relaxed is key to successful, non-stressful training. They will grow up soon!

    • Standing Size: 7.65 x 7.5 x 4.4 inch; Folding Size: 7.65 x 7.5 inch;Expand Size: 11.25 x 9.9 inch (Please confirm the size before purchase.)
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